Bankruptcy Alternatives

The Hedtke Law Firm focuses almost exclusively on California bankruptcy law. For over 8 years, we have been helping people get a fresh start by eliminating debt or arranging to pay what they can afford in Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy is a big step, and there are some trade-offs. It may or may not be the right solution for your financial situation. But there are drawbacks and red flags in the alternatives, too. You need honest answers about all debt relief options to make an informed decision.

Explore Your Chapter 7 Options

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What Are The Alternatives To Bankruptcy?

Some people are opposed to bankruptcy on moral grounds but all of us have moral obligations to our family and dependents. Some fear they will lose everything, that friends or family will find out, or that it will ruin their credit.

We want you to have all the facts, including alternative debt solutions:

Debt settlement — You may have seen ads offering to cut your debts by negotiating directly with creditors. Even cutting your debts by one-third or one-half may help you immensely. But these services are not always legitimate or effective. Your creditors are under no obligation to bargain with them, and in the meantime, you may accumulate more late fees and interest. This option does not prevent you from being sued by creditors.

Debt consolidation — Some credit counseling agencies offer to combine all your debts into one fixed rate payment. If done correctly, this could save interest and late penalties. Be aware that “affordable payments” spread over 10 or more years doesn’t really shrink your debt, and that some creditors will still report you as late if you are paying less than their minimum payment.

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