What Do Bankruptcy, Probate Work and Estate Planning Have in Common?

It’s an interesting question. Yes, these practice areas do have some types of financial strategies in common. But each is different.   What all of these things do have in common, from a professional standpoint, is that clients end up needing the very same attributes of service from a professional legal firm.   A Matter […]

Great Holiday Survival Tips For Recently Divorced Parents

Nearly half of the children in the United States will witness the end of their parent’s marriage by the time they reach age eighteen.  In some cases, divorce is the only solution to the marital problems a person has. If you are going through a divorce, one of your top concerns needs to be keeping […]

How Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Savings Bonds

Many people faced with a financial crisis are not completely out of funds, with money put aside in savings bonds and other assets are still very much in play. When considering bankruptcy as a path forward financially, it is important to understand what type of effects the legal proceedings may have on your savings so […]

3 Misconceptions About the Probate Process

A recent study found that over 58% of Americans don’t have a will in place. Having a will not only protect you, but it also helps your family after your passing. The last thing you want to do is add to the stress your family has after your death. Without a will, your estate will […]

Can You File a Bankruptcy without an Attorney?

You require an in-depth understanding and careful preparation when you file personal bankruptcy under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7. However, you may affect your rights by making mistakes and misunderstandings of the law. And you won’t get any legal advice from bankruptcy judges and court employees since they are prohibited from offering any information. Your […]

Gifting and Essential Structures for Estate Planning

At Hedtke Law Group, one of the best services that we provide to families is a comprehensive estate planning guide customized to a particular client’s financial situation, family structure and other factors.   Estate planning is a critical part of maintaining family wealth over generations and making sure that your net worth or assets go […]

Tell-Tale Signs You Should File for Bankruptcy

When you first open a business, you likely never thought you would eventually have to file for bankruptcy. You had big plans and even bigger dreams for your venture. Even with all this planning, threats from the competition, changes in the marketplace, and even global pandemics may force you to file bankruptcy. The American Bankruptcy Institute has […]