Foreclosure Attorney in West Covina CA

Foreclosure Attorney in West Covina CA

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments, and you’re afraid a foreclosure may be coming? Or maybe you’re already in the foreclosure process? Bankruptcy can provide protection, and may be able to help you keep your home.

If you have seen debts pile up due to credit card bills or medical expenses, , you may also be worried that losing your home to foreclosure could be next.

It is important for you to know all of your options. Our bankruptcy lawyers West Covina can provide reliable advice about your situation and the steps needed to keep you in your home.

When keeping your home is not in your best interests, our lawyers will advise you of this, and will provide information regarding short sales and other helpful options.

If you can become current on your mortgage payments, perhaps after filing bankruptcy (because you’re no longer burdened by the extra debts), then we will fight to see that you can keep your home.

However, if your home is beyond your means, and stopping foreclosure will not prevent future issues from arising, our job is to be candid about whether keeping your home makes the best financial sense. In every situation, we will be fair and honest with you about your circumstances.

Whether you ultimately decide to keep your home, or would prefer to start over entirely through the bankruptcy process, you always need to get accurate information to make the best decisions possible.

There are legal options that can provide foreclosure defense to people who are experiencing difficulties with debt and meeting their mortgage payments.

Our foreclosure defence lawyers serve clients throughout the local area with all types of foreclosure defence situations, including those involving foreclosure alternatives such as:

  • Selling your home and buying a new property that fits your financial situation
  • Short selling your home
  • Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Rolling your mortgage payments into a Chapter 13 payment plan
  • Negotiating for a loan or mortgage modification
  • Strategic mortgage default

Our bankruptcy law firm helps you to avoid foreclosure. We will aggressively negotiate to buy you more time to catch up payments that are in arrears; adjust an interest rate; change a balloon payment schedule; or have a whole new mortgage worked out.

Contact our office today at (626) 593-1556 to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation, and put yourself on a path to a better financial tomorrow.