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Pre-Foreclosure Attorney in Covina, How Can Help You to Save From Foreclosure

If you do not make your monthly repayments, you may lose your property through liquidation. The foreclosure process involves a number of steps that culminate in your expulsion from your home and the sale of the house at a foreclosure sale or executor sale. The very first stage is pre-foreclosure. While property owners can stay […]

Pre Foreclosure Attorney in Covina

Before deciding on the final plan you should have some words with a foreclosure attorney in Covina. The overall process would be smooth and you will be tension free. There are numerous benefits to purchasing properties from homeowners who are in “default” and on the point of losing their property, but only the individual investor […]

What are some of the distinctions between short sales and pre-foreclosures?

A homeowner is frequently given the option of going through pre-foreclosure or selling their home short. Pre-foreclosure is not the same as a short sale. The status of an account is pre-foreclosure. You are in pre-foreclosure if you are behind on your mortgage payments and the lender has started but not completed the foreclosure procedure. […]